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Rotel RB 1590 Power Amp
Looking for Rotel RB 1590 power amp or similar.
Placed by A Heeraman | 2018-01-18 | R12 000 neg | 082 822 7505 Gauteng
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Tuner wanted
Digital tuner with RDS. Brands : NAD, Rotel, Yamaha, Marantz, etc... Colour: Black or Dark Grey.
Placed by Suren | 2018-01-17 | Neg | 0832352491 Randburg
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Anybody that has laserdiscs for sale or give away, please contact me.
Placed by Jimmy | 2018-01-16 | Neg | 0817353675 Benoni, Boksburg
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SACD discs
Please contact me if you have any SACD for sale
Placed by Jozua | 2018-01-11 | | 0845832426 Cape Town
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NS 1000m tweeter
Hi I'm looking for a replacement tweeter for a Yamaha NS1000m speaker
Placed by Chris | 2018-01-09 | Neg | 0824902641 East Rand
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Looking for any old NAD or Marantz Amplifier
Please let me know if you have any of the above amplifiers for sale.
Placed by Tash | 2018-01-09 | Negotiable | Midrand
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Looking for any cheap amplifier
Please let me know if you have any cheap amplifier for sale. Willing to pay cash and collect from you.
Placed by Shelen | 2018-01-08 | Negotiable | Midrand
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Tannoy System 10 or 12" Studio Monitors
I am looking for Tannoy 10" OR 12" monitors. Will consider System 10 or Syestem 12DMT II, CPA12 or Super Gold Monitor/Super Red Monitor. Will arrange collection.
Placed by Jon | 2017-12-26 | TBC | 0823116757 Cape Town
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Tape deck
Wanted: tape deck in good working condition. Preferably Yamaha double tape.Reasonable price will be paid.
Placed by Des Sadler | 2017-12-22 | ±R1 000 | 0837882249 Pretoria
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