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Musical Fidelity P173 Power Supply
I'm looking for a Power Supply for a Musical Fidelity P173 pre-amplifier in good working condition.
Placed by Teboho | 2017-11-21 | Negotiable | 0798749838 Johannesburg
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Leak TL50+ KT88 mono valve amp
Looking for one of these to make a pair, if anyone has one going spare let me make you an offer!
Placed by Raoul Duke | 2017-11-20 | Offers | 0823116757 Cape
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LF Atmos AVR or AV Processor
Looking for a Atmos & DTS:X enabled AVR or processor. AVR must have preouts.
Placed by Brett | 2017-11-13 | Negotiable | 0833521472 Randfontein
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Studer A68
Studer A68 in good condition.
Placed by Teddy | 2017-11-09 | R10 000 | 0715915285 Midrand
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Polk audio RTi12 speakers wanted
Placed by James | 2017-11-08 | Negotiable | 0733501884 Pretoria north
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I am looking for Audioquest Yukon XLR interconnect cables.
Placed by Hendrik | 2017-11-03 | | 0827761789 Stilbaai
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WANTED: Dead Sansui 600L Amplifier
I'm urgently looking for a dead Sansui 600L amp to use for spares to refurbish another 600L. If you have one lying around please feel free to call or whatsapp me.
Placed by Vishen | 2017-11-01 | 0 | 0844983428 Pretoria
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Looking for a TDK HD-01 Head Demagnetizer if anyone has one lying around that they want to get rid of.
Placed by Rob Edwards | 2017-11-01 | | 0714012541 Estcourt, KZN
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B&W 802N
Looking for a pair of B&W 802N speakers.
Placed by Des | 2017-10-28 | neg | 0847202668 Johannesburg
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Pioneer PD91 CD Player
Looking for this particular model or sismilar.
Placed by Charles | 2017-10-25 | Neg | 0742225217 Cape Town
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