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A pair of outstanding loudspeakers, in very good condition with original packaging. Colour is black. Price new is R52 000. Please google for pics and specs.
Placed by Andre | 2014-10-22 | R25 000 | Pretoria East - Faerie Glen
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Vivid Audio 1.5's
Awesome sounding loudspeakers. In very good condition with original wooden crats. Colour is Monarch. Price new is R54 000. Please google for pics and specs.
Placed by Happy Camper | 2014-10-22 | R35 000 | Pretoria East - Faerie Glen
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I have a pair of Sonus faber Amati Homage floorstanding speakers for sale. These are in absolutely mint condition as they were hardly used, infact they still need to be run in properly. All packaging is available as well. These were purchased brand new for R230 000. Asking price is R150 000 slightly negotiable.
Placed by Vishen | 2014-10-22 | R150 000 | 084 498-3428 Johannesburg
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Highly regarded NAD S200 silverline power amp for sale. It has been gently used and meticulously cared for, and is still in pristine condition. Power output: 200 watts per channel into 8 (stereo), 700W into 8 (mono). Frequency response: 2.5Hz to 80kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% Damping factor: 200 Input sensitivity: 1.4V Signal to noise ratio: 95dB Speaker load impedance: 2 (minimum).Dimensions: 450 x 180 x 406mm. Weight: 27kg. Originally retailed for +- R25k, now a rare find.
Placed by Charl Nel | 2014-10-22 | R6 000 onco | 082 600-6094 Durban
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Both are in an awesome condition, the tape may need new band/s but otherwise all is good, they come with the original manuals. First come first served.
Placed by Sha | 2014-10-22 | R1 000 | Jhb
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In a working condition, it was in storage for a long time, speaker boxes show a little wear and CD player needs a little oiling but either than that it is in a good condition. consists of amp, tuner, turntable, double tape, CD player and 2 large speakers.
Placed by Sha | 2014-10-22 | R2 400 | Jhb
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Selling following: Audio Research VT 100 MkII valve power amp. Very good condition. Valves are perfect with 90% life left. No original packaging - R18 000. Audio Research LS2BMkii Balanced valve pre amp with remote. Perfect condition - R13 000. No original packaging. Graaf GM 20 OTL Valve power amp. Perfect condition. Valves are new. Beautifully made in Italy. Original box - R20 000. Audio Research SP16 Valve Pre amp. Good condition - R13000. Meridian 568 dac/pre, pro. Perfect condition, bargain R6 000.Audio Research REF 8 CD player - R39 000. Perfect, like new with all packaging. Theta Davidii CD/DVD transport. New motor. Perfect condition, brilliant transport - R6 000.
Placed by Eddie | 2014-10-22 | As listed | 082 884-6186 Bloemfontein
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Full set of superb Sonus Faber speakers in mint condition for sale. These have been gently used and meticulously cared for, and are all in pristine condition. 1 pair Sonus Faber Grand Piano floor standing speakers in piano black and leather finish. Like new condition, with original accesories and boxes. Selling for R13 500 onco. 1 Sonus Faber Home Centre speaker in black leather finish. Selling for R4 000 onco. 2 pairs of Sonus Faber Wall surround speakers in black leather finish. Selling for R5 000 per pair. Will consider reasonable offers for the entire set.
Placed by Charl Nel | 2014-10-22 | | 082 600-6094 Durban
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In rosewood finish, immaculate condtion boxed.
Placed by Rajesh | 2014-10-22 | R40 000 | 082 780-3861 Jhb
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Legendary Conrad Johson premier 7 tube pre-amp. Very rare find! Excellent 100% original condition with all original cabling. 30kg of extreme build quality! Still one of the very best pre-amps available today! Replacement models in the same class will set you back 100K minimum! Retail price for this unit was 80K in 1990. The Premier Seven was the first Zero-Feedback preamplifier from Conrad-Johnson. It was a true dual-mono preamp design with a separate external regulated power supply for each channel. The result was a mammoth preamplifier, housed in four separate chassis. Using 12 triodes (six per channel) in a zero feedback configuration provided extraordinary transient response not common in vacuum tube preamps. A low noise nuvistor input tube accommodated low output moving coil cartridges. A phono impedance selector was included for cartridge matching. Listen to vinyl like never before!! New standards of circuit components were used in the Premiere Seven, including 300 micron linear-crystal solid silver internal wiring. Each channel had its own level control. Instead of traditional potentiometers, the level controls are actually stepped attenuators which switch discrete pairs of precision resistors. Special laser trimmed metal foil resistors were used throughout the audio circuit. The Premier Seven was stunning in its ability to resolve inner detail, recreate a huge dynamic range, and extended frequency response while presenting the soundstage with incomparable accuracy. Features:Inputs/Outputs 1 phono; tuner, auxiliary, monitor and recording facilities for two tape decks with dubbing from Tape 1 to Tape 2. Two amplifier (main) outputs. Controls: source, record, level, mute, power. Only offers above 20K will be considered. No clowns and timewasters please. No urgent need to sell!
Placed by Doep | 2014-10-22 | Neg | 082 665-0057 Pretoria
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Full entertainment system, hardly used. Marantz DV4610 DVD Player (black), Marantz SR401 AV Receiver (black), B&W DM602.5 S3 main fronts (cherry wood). B & W VM1 rear effects speakers (silver), B&W LCR60 S3 centre channel (cherry wood). B&W VM1 stands (silver), B&W ASW 650 active subwoofer (cherry wood). All with original packaging.
Placed by Warren Kwan | 2014-10-22 | R20 000 | 072 616-0251 East Rand
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Kimber Select KS 3033 speaker cable. This is a single 4 feet cable. New price is R25 000 per pair. This cable is a steal @ R 7 500. Perfect for a centre channel. Terminated with spades.
Placed by George | 2014-10-22 | R7 500 | 082 772-1172 Rustenburg
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DENON AVR 1312 5.1 AV HOME THEATERr Receiver black
Mint condition - traded in unit.
Placed by Peter | 2014-10-22 | R4 599 | 011 453-2365 Edenvale
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Mint condition NAD S250 multi-channel power amp for sale. This is from the highly regarded NAD Silverline range. It has been gently used and meticulously cared for, and is still in pristine condition. 125W x 5 Continuous Power (8 ohms); all channels driven simultaneously. 200W x 2 Continuous Power (8 ohms); two channels driven simultaneously. Low loss, massive Holmgren toroidal mains transformer 12 volt trigger for automated ON/OFF operation. Input gain control for each individual channel THX certified. Monoblock, Modular construction. All inputs gold plated RCA Differential, Class A input circuit topology, Soft Clipping. This used to retail for around R20 000 and is a rare find.
Placed by Charl Nel | 2014-10-22 | R5 000 onco | 082 600-6094 Durban
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Kimber Select KS 1121 balanced interconnect - R8 900, new R 16 000. Kimber Select KS 1021 RCA interconnects, same price. Kimber Hero balanced interconnects, R1 400, new R 2 500. All are 1 metre lengths.
Placed by George | 2014-10-22 | R9 500 | 082 772-1172 Rustenburg
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I have a Boston Acoustics VR14 THX Certified centre speaker for sale, speaker is in excellent condition and working perfectly, easily one of the largest centre speakers I've seen. Cost of this centre speaker new was $1200 which in rands is just over R12 000! Last pic is with an A4 book on top of the centre to show how big it is.
Placed by Vishen | 2014-10-21 | R3 000 | 084 498-3428 Centurion
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I have a pair of black Boston Acoustics VR35 THX Certified floorstanders for sale. Speakers are in very good condition and are working perfectly. These speakers feature Bostons renowned Lynnfield tweeters, their highs are crystal clear but not too bright & over-baring, mids are tight and bass is low and controlled. The price of this pair of Bostons were $2,500, convert that to Rands & you can see that they cost a HUGE chunk of cash.
Placed by Vishen | 2014-10-21 | R5 000 | 084 498-3428 Centurion
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Rotel RB-1070 in black. Superb kit.
Placed by Keith | 2014-10-21 | R3 500 | 073 678-5172 Birchleigh
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Rotel RMB-1075 in black. Phenomenal home theatre amp. Review at this site.
Placed by Keith | 2014-10-21 | R5 000 | 073 678-5172 Birchleigh
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I have a very scarce and rare Vintage Audio Research D79 power amp.(75 wpc @ 8ohm) for sale. The working condition is perfect just the left VU meter is dead and the inside needle is not functioning, added the switch to adjust the bias on the right meter.
Placed by Derek | 2014-10-21 | R19 500 | 083 798-6577 Pretoria East
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