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B&W HTM61 S1 in Black. Slight cosmetic wear and tear. Tweeter and drivers still spotless. 150w into 8 ohm Secunda, 1 hr from Springs
Placed by Gerthard | 2018-03-11 | R3 000 | 0828514742 Secunda
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B&W 685 s1
B&W 685 s1 to swop for B&W ASW610 They are in perfect condition. Also B&W 685 S1 small scratch at bottom R3 500
Placed by Nico | 2018-03-11 | R5 000 | 0845891451 Bethlehem
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Nad M22 Power Amp
Perfect condition. Original box. Brilliant 250w Hypex Ncore Class D amp. New cost around R70k
Placed by Eddie Stanley | 2018-03-09 | R19 000 | 0814520938 Bloemfontein
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Headphone amp
3 month old Project Headbox S for sale. Not in use.
Placed by Mags Krishna | 2018-03-09 | R1 500 | 0828036882 Rivonia
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Russound C5 multiroom controller with keypads. Unit like new. Will help with the programming of the unit.
Placed by Craig | 2018-03-08 | R40 000 | 0837044040 JHB
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Pioneer A-400 amplifier
Classic Pioneer A-400 integrated amplifier in perfect working condition for sale. Cosmetic condition is also very good. MM and MC phono inputs. Can courier at buyer's cost.
Placed by Jan | 2018-03-08 | R1 900 | email Cape Town
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Bel Canto Pre2p Preamp
This is an exceptional preamp. Absolutely transparent, with the quietest phono stage I have ever heard. Phono stage is configurable for MM/MC, and adjustable loads. It is in mint condition, and the remote is brand new (remote was R2500 from the US).
Placed by Sean Jammy | 2018-03-08 | R12 000 | Linksfield Jhb
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Van den Hul "The Second"
Van den Hul "The Second" RCA to RCA interconnects for sale. 0.6m length. Mint as new condition in original Van den Hul box and packaging.
Placed by Jan | 2018-03-08 | R800 | email Cape Town
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Rega A2D phono stage
In box 1, year old. Mint condition.
Placed by Maurice | 2018-03-08 | R1 200 | 0813031059 Jhb South
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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones
Beyerdynamic's latest offering. Brand new pair, still sealed in box. Luxurious comfort, with Beyerdynamic's quality construction and signature sound, enhanced midrange and great sub bass, whilst also boasting fantastic detail and sparkly highs.
Placed by Ziv | 2018-03-08 | R7 500 | Cape Town
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Russound DMS3.1 streamer and tuner. Unit like new .
Placed by Craig | 2018-03-08 | R20 000 | 0837044040 JHB
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Marantz system
Marantz HiFi system. PM6005 amp (black) in a box. CD6005 CD player (black) in a box. Half price.
Placed by Craig | 2018-03-08 | R10 500 | 0837044040 JHB
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B&W floor standing speakers
B&W 684 S2 floorstanding speakers (black in colour). Still a current model. Good condition. Half price.
Placed by Craig | 2018-03-08 | R8 000 | 0837044040 Johannesburg
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Jamo SUB300
The SUB 300 is equipped with a powerful 10-inch long-throw woofer unit housed in the unique slotted port cabinet and a BASH amplifier capable of delivering 300 watts of peak power. Dark apple finish.
Placed by Morne | 2018-03-08 | R3 200 | 0827287402 Pretoria
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EAR 890 Valve Power amplifier
The EAR 890 is a 70 watt/channel, absolutely neutral, fluid and immensely powerful amp. In very very good condition. Doesn't have a mark on the faceplate. Comes with the following: 9x KT88 Golden Lions. All but one measure in the 80s and 90s (hence the spare). These sound smooth, sweet and liquid. 9x KT 90 Electro Harmonix - around 50 hours on them. Original valve cages. This amp is significantly better, in my opinion, than almost any of its competitors.
Placed by Sean Jammy | 2018-03-08 | R38 000 neg | Linksfield Jhb
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Mytek Brooklyn MQA DAC
Exceptional DAC, fully featured with on-board digital or analogue preamp, phono stage, all digital inputs, and MQA compatibility. Boxed as new. Easily one of the must detailed, natural sounding DACs on the market. Includes high quality 12V 100 VA power supply.
Placed by Sean Jammy | 2018-03-08 | R26 000 | Linksfield Jhb
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Monitor Audio Apex A40
Three Monitor Audio Apex A40 in gloss white finish. Condition excellent.
Placed by charne | 2018-03-08 | R10 000 for set of 3 | 0824130734 Eastern Cape
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KEF Q Series Loudspeakers
KEF Q900 towers brown - R16000. KEF Q700 towers black - R12000. KEF Q600C centre brown - R4000. KEF Q600C centre black - R4000. KEF Q300 bookshelves black - R5000. KEF Q400B active sub black - R5000. KEF IQ1 bookshelves brown with beautiful custom stands - R4000. All in very good condition. Price for 5.1 or 7.1 package can be negotiated
Placed by Doep | 2018-03-08 | As per advertisement | 0826650057 Pretoria
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Monitor Audio BX center black oak
Immaculate condition. Can send pics on request.
Placed by Isaac | 2018-03-07 | 1800 | 0659277066 Olivedale
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Oppo BDP-93
Immaculate condition, region free player. Comes with all accessories.
Placed by Rajesh | 2018-03-07 | R4 800 | 0827803861 JHB/PTA
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