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Jamo E855 Floorstanding Speakers
Very good condition. Cherry colour. 140-200 watts. Biwireable.
Placed by Brett | 2017-02-24 | R3 350 | 083 352-1472 Randfontein, West Rand
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Devialet Expert 200 and Expert 400 amplifiers for sale. Both these amps are only a couple of months old, still comes with warranty, fully future upgradable, "as new" condition with everything: Devialet Expert 200 amplifier R97 500. Devialet Expert 400 amplifier - R179 500.
Placed by Andre | 2017-02-24 | R97 500 | Pretoria
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Rotel RB976 Power Amp
3 x 150watts; or 6 x 60 watts. Perfect for adding more power to fronts, and center speaker in home theatre. Or for powering additional speaker as in dolby Atmos. Black. Good condition.
Placed by Brett | 2017-02-24 | R4 250 | 083 352-1472 Randfontein, West Rand
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Anthem D2V 3D pre/processor unit in mint condtion. Top of the range and still current from Anthem. This is the only true high end processor that is a a high end pre amp as well. Asking: R85 000. Current retail price: R203 000.
Placed by Andre | 2017-02-24 | R85 000 | 082 551-5049 Pretoria
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20month old RX-V477, perfect condition. * 5-channel powerful surround sound * 115 W per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven) * 80 W per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.09% THD, 2-ch driven) *HDMI® (6 in / 1 out) with 4K Ultra HD pass-through for super high resolution images AirPlay®, Pandora®, Spotify music streaming service and AV Controller App * HTC Connect™ for music streaming from HTC Connect compatible smartphones * Front panel USB digital connection for iPod® and iPhone® * FLAC, WAV 192 kHz / 24-bit, Apple® Lossless 96 kHz / 24-bit playback * Virtual CINEMA FRONT provides virtual surround sound with 5 speakers in front * Extra Bass enriches powerful bass sound even with small speakers * Gapless playback compatibility allows play without interruption * YPAO™ sound optimization for automatic speaker setup * Multilingual color OSD for improved visibility (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Chinese) * ECO mode operation for about 20 percent less power consumption.
Placed by Werner | 2017-02-24 | R4 150 | 082 339-8925 Centurion
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These reference class stand-mount speakers are finished in cherry wood veneer and are in very good condition including the front grills. Bi-wireable with a refined presentation normally expected from speakers in the $2000+ range. Weighing in at 9kg each, they are well made, heavy and well damped. Contact for photos.
Placed by Deon | 2017-02-23 | R3 950 | 082 626-4559 Cape Town
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The table is in excellent condition with cart. Piano black. Just more than a year old with original box.
Placed by Mike | 2017-02-23 | R4 200 | 079 889-9510 Centurion
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Audeze EL-8 audiophile headphones in excellent condition with box and manual, R6000. Kingrex HQ1 headphone amp, excellent condition complete with upgraded power cord to power supply, no packaging R1500. Taken together R6 500.
Placed by Carl | 2017-02-23 | R6 500 | 082 304-2698 Vereeniging
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Single high-excursion driver, dual passive radiators, built-in advanced Class-D™ amplifier, USB Port / PBK Interface Amplifier 1950 watts Dynamic Peak / 650 watts RMS Amplifier Features Auto-On / Off, soft clipping, thermal protection, electrical shorting protection Room Correction pbk-1 Low Pass Filter Frequency Variable 40 Hz - 150 Hz; Bypass Option Low Frequency Driver 305-mm (12 in) RCR™ mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cone, 51-mm (2 in) bifilar 2+2-layer voice-coil, dual spiders, AVS™ die-cast heatsink chassis Passive Radiators Dual 254-mm (10 in) balanced-plane, high-velocity passive radiators Low Frequency Extension 19 Hz (DIN) Sub / Sat Phase Alignment Variable 0° - 180° Finishes Black Ash Inputs RCA (L/R-Mono) for L/R Line-Out or Sub-Out / LFE-Out of receiver, processor or other line-level source Weight 36 lbs. (16.3 kg) Dimensions (HxWxD) Includes grilles and feet 15" × 14" × 14" (38.1cm × 35.6cm × 35.6cm.
Placed by Pervashen | 2017-02-23 | R13 000 | 081 366-4409 Durban
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Paradigm SE fronts; SE center ;surround 1 and ADP 190.
Placed by Pervashen | 2017-02-23 | R25 000 | 081 366-4409 Durban
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KEF Q900 speakers for sale, black.
Placed by Gerhard | 2017-02-23 | R13 400 | 082 903-0667 Centurion
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Integra amplifier DTR 20.2. No remote.
Placed by Shadreck | 2017-02-23 | 6 000 | 078 949-0264 Centurion
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Boston CR95 floor standing speakers for R3500, Boston PV500 subwoofer for R1500, 2 Boston CR75 bookshelf speakers for R1300 and Boston CRC centre speaker for R700. in good condition. R6500 if you buy everything.
Placed by Richard | 2017-02-23 | See Ad | 076 465-1491 Centurion
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2 - Channel stereo integrated amplifier with brand new original NAD remote. Very good condition, 50 watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms and 100 Watts per channel dynamic power. Sub 1 and sub 2 output for connection to one ore two active subwoofers. No time wasters please - no urgency to sell in a hurry!
Placed by Doep | 2017-02-22 | R6 600 | 082 665-0057 Pretoria
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AS1000 stereo integrated amplifier. Black finish - very good condition with remote and manual. 90 Watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms. Dedicated mm/mc phono input for the vinyl lover! CDS1000 - SACD - CD Player. Black finish - very good condition with remote and manual. Extreme build quality - feel the weight! High - end stereo hi-fi at its best! R10 000 each or take both for R18 000. Retail price was about 20k each. Replacement models (1100) selling for about 33k each. Sorry - no boxes. No time wasters please - no urgency to sell in a hurry.
Placed by Doep | 2017-02-22 | R10 000 | 082 665-0057 Pretoria
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Extreme rare find. Fantastic condition. The "Big Foot" of loudspeakers. The best speaker ever build by this famous Danish manufacturer. One of the best speakers - regardless of make - ever build. To replace this with something similar today will set you back at least 500k. You will need very good, high end amplification to drive them properly. Specifications:- Type: 3 way, 4 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22kHz Crossover Frequency: 100, 3000Hz Impedance: 6Ω Sensitivity: 87dB Bass: 2 x 8" cones Midrange: 1 x 6.5" cone Tweeter: 1 x dome Enclosure: 210 litre, bass reflex Weight: 72kg each Height: 1.75m Only selling due to space constraints after renovations. No time wasters please! No urgency or in any hurry to sell.
Placed by Doep | 2017-02-22 | R70 000 | 082 665-0057 Pretoria
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Extreme rare find! From the master USA manufacturer of "take no nonsense" sound equipment. Black finish - fair condition. Will certainly fill ANY room with big low frequency bass and high - end musicality from the tops. The specs below speak for itself. To replace this with something more or less in the same league will set you back at least 60 - 80K. Subs will go down easily to 18hz - 300 watts RMS. No time wasters please - no urgency to sell in a hurry. SPECIFICATIONS Driver Complement: 2 - 8" (20cm) Dynamic® Balance subwoofers 2 - 6 1/2"(16.5cm) Dynamic Balance mid/bass driver (shielded) 1 - 1"(2.5cm) Dynamic Balance tri-laminate dome tweeter (shielded) Overall Frequency Response: 18Hz - 26kHz -3dB Limits: 26Hz - 25kHz Crossover Topology/Specifications: Mid/high module: driver #1 (bottom) 2nd order Low Pass Filter @ 1.2kHz; driver #2 (upper, near tweeter) 2nd order Low Pass Filter @ 2kHz. 80Hz 2nd order electrical High Pass Filter on both drivers. Tweeter: High Pass Filter 2nd order @ 2kHz. Mylar film capacitors and air core inductors used throughout. Subwoofer: 4th order Low Pass Filter, variable 60Hz - 120Hz. Impedance: compatible with 8 ohm outputs Recommended Amplification: 50 - 300 watts/channel Efficiency (1M, 1Watt): 92dB Subwoofer Amplifier Power: 300 watts per channel Available Finishes: black or rosewood finish wood veneer Cabinet Dimensions: 48"H x 10"W x 17"D 122cm x 25.4cm x 43.2cm Base Dimensions: 11"W x 18 1/2"D 27.9cm x 47cm
Placed by Doep | 2017-02-22 | R21 000 | 082 665-0057 Pretoria
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Braided shielded silver plated copper power cords. Braid is also silver plated copper. 1 x 0,8m terminated with wattgate 320i Clear IEC socket - R630; 1 x 0,8m terminated with Siltech IEC Socket – R550; 1 x 0,6m terminated with Siltech IEC socket – R480; 2 x 0,6m un-terminated – R550.
Placed by Hein | 2017-02-22 | See Ad | 078 756-5859 Cape Town - Northern Suburbs
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Monitor Audio PL500 top of the range speakers including the Rotel RC1590 pre-amp including the Rotel RB1590 2x350 watt power amp. Complete High-end stereo deal for this month only.
Placed by Brent | 2017-02-22 | R290 000 | 071 895-5922 Pretoria
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Devore Fidelity Gibbon Nines speakers in very good condition complete with unmarked grills, spikes and packaging. Premium walnut finish nominal impedance of 8 ohms (5.6 ohms minimum), 91dB sensitivity, bass extension down to 31Hz, and a relatively high degree of placement flexibility.
Placed by Carl | 2017-02-22 | R28 000 | 082 304-2698 Vereeniging
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